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The New Sounds of Joy, Inc. is a 501.c3 non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible contributions help us serve the greater Hampton Roads area - and beyond - by supporting our ongoing operating expenses, such as music and equipment purchases, maintenance and a myriad of other costs. A receipt will be sent to you.

Sounds of Joy is available for:

  • Private Gathering
  • Meetings, Conferences & Conventions
  • Parties, Picnics, Banquets
  • Retirement Centers
  • Church and Charitable Benefits
  • Your special event

About us

For Information & Bookings Contact:

Public Relations

P.O. Box 3116, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

“Goosebumps and Teardrops”

Joan Kennedy, our Director, says that this is her favorite description of the songs we love to sing.

Sounds of Joy began its life in 1993 as a Wednesday night “sing-along” group of about 10 people. In December 1998, we re-grouped and reinvested ourselves. We first ventured outward by hiring a trolley and cruising around Norfolk, Virginia singing Christmas carols for whomever we could find who would listen. Even at that early stage people responded to the spirit with which songs were performed, as witnessed by the local Canadian NATO contingent, whose Christmas party we inadvertently crashed.

Now boasting over 45 members, we were soon reaching out to local prisons, nursing homes and retirement centers offering our services to many community building and support institutions. We have helped to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and entertained children of all ages.

We have continued to be financed through the generosity of members, contributors, and of places we are invited. Our mission has always been to bring joy to those for whom we perform. We are a bunch of folks who “can’t not sing,” – especially together. Along the way we have become a family for each other.

Our repertory includes classic pop, Broadway songs, patriotic, folk, Civil War, and inspirational music, old and new. If it’s beautiful, nostalgic, funky or hum-able, we’ll sing it. On average we perform more than 30 times a year. We are available for public gatherings of any sort, meetings, conferences, conventions, parties, picnics, banquets, open houses, block parties, charitable or fund-raising events, retirement and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and whatever special event you may be planning. Although we are not a religious group per say, we have always listened for the guidance of Spirit, and we have been willing to say ‘Yes’ to whatever new opportunity that has come our way. Time after time we have been amazed at where this has taken us. And now it has led up to you, hasn’t it?

If you are interested in having our group perform, or know of someone who may, we would love to hear from you. To discuss having Sounds of Joy perform for your group, please contact Public Relations. 

We're not just clowning around!